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How to Choose Music Venues

If you are a musician, you might have a good knowledge of the clubs in your local community like the back of your hands. Also, you might already have a list of the places you would like to play at. Some of them might be in your immediate list while you might want to pursue others after you have grown a great fan base. However, the cards are not the same when you are playing in an area you have never been to before. Click to get more info. First of all, you should always think about the capacity of people coming to your event before you choose an avenue. If you do not know many people in the area, you can always go with an audience of people. It is easier to achieve that even if you are working with local openers and organizers.

When you play at a particular place regularly, in the third round and above you will be well informed about the number of people who will actually turn out and you can pick a better venue. Also, you should always go for a venue that will accommodate at least one or a few people less. It is better to have a small room that is fully occupied than having a big room that does not have a lot of people. The people who make it will enjoy the show even more and those who get to the door and find the venue full will be quick to buy tickets early the next time you are performing in their neighborhood.

You should consider the age of the people who will be coming to your show as well. If the audience is underage, you should pick places they are legally allowed to be in. Get more info on venues in san francisco. this means the clubs and places serving alcohol are out of question. However, you should not be too restrictive in matters to do with age. 18 years is largely accepted as the legal age which is why you should go to such venues and not those who have a lower age cap of 21. It sucks for 18-20 years old people to be prevented from seeing their favorite bands playing just because of the age restrictions.

You need to research on the reputation of the venue too. If people do not like a place, even if your music is great they might not show up in big numbers.

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